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A busy Friday afternoon


A busy Friday afternoon getting this 3000 kVA dieselgenerator ready for factory witness testing on monday.


Today we moved out this 25.000 Kg. DNV 2.7-3 A60 fire-resistant offshore enclosure


Today we moved out this 25.000 Kg. DNV 2.7-3 A60 fire-resistant offshore enclosure. Due to the large dimensions, the enclosure will be transported via inland waterways to the paint shop and finally to the customer. Stay tuned to see more of this special transport.


Massive bespoke acoustic enclosure under construction


Lots of activity today in the construction shop. Here we have a massive bespoke acoustic enclosure under construction which will serve its purpose on a FPSO vessel, housing a Caterpillar C175-16 generator set.

When finished the unit will be 15 meters long, 4 meters wide, 4.5 meters high, weight nearly 100 tons and is constructed to be handled as a single lift. It is constructed under DNV 2.7.3. and will also be A60 fire rated.


Noveterm 600 modular dual walled flue system


Bespoke exhaust silencer with Noveterm 600 modular dual walled flue system installed for this great Cummins QSK95 datacentre plantroom installation.


Integrated SCR solution


The fitout of this bespoke acoustic enclosure for a 2500 kVA generator set is moving ahead rapidly. In this solution we have designed, engineered and manufactured a bespoke SCR system with the first exhaust collector/sound attenuator and SCR mixing pipe inside the enclosure.

Fully assembled and ready to run it’s FWT


Fully assembled and ready to run it’s FWT. Very satisfying to see everything coming together nicely. Proud to present this 3 MVA emergency generator package. – Small footprint/Highest possible power density per m2 – Low noise solution – Modular concept – Kiwa certified or BS certified sub base fuel tank – 1 day Installation (up to 4 units per day onsite) – World wide shipment based on 40’ ISO sizing, – Minimized heat recirculation – Integrated bespoke switchgear

Nieuw sponsorbord CKC Kinderdijk


Ons nieuwe sponsorbord bij CKC Kinderdijk! Wij wensen alle teams veel succes voor het buitenseizoen 2019.

First KIWA certified sub-base fuel tank


The first KIWA certified sub-base fuel tank is ready from production! The dual walled tank will be placed under the generator enclosure and will act as a 48 hours autonomy fuel storage tank with a nett capacity of +30.000 litres of diesel fuel!

What a great setup!


What a great setup! Just before the weekend mounted the first top frame with dry cooler and exhaust silencer on the 3000 kVA acoustic bespoke enclosure. Next week to add the 30.000 litres bespoke Kiwa certified sub base fuel tank.

Gensets fitted with Novetec airfilter kit


Today in our workshop 3 units Cummins C3000D5e generator sets, fitted with custom Novetec airfilter kits. Ready for fitout in their enclosures.

Two heat exchanger islands


Two heat exchanger islands with redundant pumps ready to be shipped to a datacentre in Holland.

Cummins C3000D5e just arrived


This Cummins C3000D5e has just arrived and is ready for upfit with a custom Novetec air filter kit. Then this 3000 kVA generator will be installed in the Novetec 40ft HC bespoke acoustic enclosure.

Production acoustic enclosures in Romania


“Next batch of bespoke acoustic enclosures for 3000 kVA gensets nearly finished in our production facility in Romania”

Acoustic 40ft HC enclosure


Acoustic 40ft HC enclosure for 3000 kVA generator set for a datacenter based in Holland. Sprayed in color and ready for fit out.

Datacentre in Germany


Just arrived in our storage, 2 units Cummins DQKAJ 2500 kVA gensets, soon to be fitted in bespoke acoustic enclosures engineered and build by Novetec for a datacentre in Germany.

3250 kVA generator sets


Next 2 custom acoustic 40ft HC enclosures out of a batch of 20 for 3250 kVA generator sets nearly finished in production for a datacenter in Holland. 

Customized 450KVA Cummins genset


Customized 450KVA cummins genset succesfully passed a 24 hr 100% load test at Novetec.

Caterpillar 3516 units


Just before the weekend moving in 2x Caterpillar 3516 units. These units will be placed in a plantroom installation designed, engineered and manufactured by Novetec BV.